Our Team


Andrew Fennell | Owner + Photographer + Entrepreneur

With close to a decade of experience,although young Andrew Fennell has the expertise to provide you with the highest quality personal and commercial photography services.With his own personal studio in downtown Brooklyn, your next photoshoot is easy to reach. Fun, efficient, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

I take great pride in providing people with a fun, clean and judge free zone to creative. A headshot is not simply a photograph of yourself, and in all actuality, it isn't a portrait of you either. A great headshot or any shot has the ability to accurately communicate you! A picture or portrait will definitely show people what you look like, but in the cases where a headshot is applicable, people don't want to simply know what you look like. They want to meet you, as if in person. A great headshot portrays depth and I pride myself in being able to capture that depth for the world to see.

@AndrewFennell - www.AndrewFennell.com


Daniel Vasquez | Co-Owner + Photographer + Videographer

Beautiful moments in life inspire me. That surreal moment taking place within my reality. Reading about other photographers, i came across a very similar thought from Mario Moreno. 

“Inspiration is everywhere around us and wherever you look you will see an image worth capturing. Photography is a wonderful way of sharing your feelings and experiences with people and this is what I like about photography. I pursue the ‘Perfect Moment’, capture it and share it. This is my goal.

”I feel a certain emotion with every photograph I capture. A sense of WOW, “this is really amazing and I am glad to be apart of this.” From music concerts, events, to some of fashion’s biggest shows. I am happy to share my point of view with the world. Starting out carrying a camera just to capture day to day moments in my life. My photography transpired by the more my life evolved. Photography is not a job for me but a pictorial of my life story. As my career and life continue to grow, I hope you enjoy my adventure!

@_Dvasquez - www.danieljvasquez.com


Marshalle Crockett | Makeup Artist + Beauty Expert

“I believe that women should always FEEL like the absolute best version of themselves.... & we all know when you feel good, you LOOK good!" 

With over 10 years experience in the industry, working for such brands as Trish McEvoy, Estée Lauder & MAC, professional makeup artist Marshalle Crockett now devotes her time to freelance makeup artistry. From photo/video shoots, to product shots for different brands, to weddings & freelance on call work, she is very passionate about her craft & calling. Having the honor to have been apart of various women empowerment campaigns, Marshalle is a firm believer of the sisterhood & women inspiring each other. 

@MarshalleCrockett - www.MakeupbyMarshy.com